Youngevity rev diet plan

By | November 14, 2020

youngevity rev diet plan

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Coach Jeevers shares an overview of our three programs. Want all the info in one place? View the brochure. Review each of the weight loss programs, including their meal plans, FAQs, and associated products. Get the weight loss kit associated with your program. Receive tips, tools and resources along your weight loss journey. Each program provides 7-day meal plans, recipes, delicious protein shakes, supplements and other products that help fuel nutrition and support muscle to help you track and meet your goals.

This high-density, low-calorie approach offers filling food options with no unwanted calories. Targeted for weight loss, this program uses a simple set of nutrient-dense foods and portioned meals. To ensure you get nutrition three times a day, take your Healthy Body Start Pak in the morning with your black coffee, tea or other recommended beverages. For an easy solution try our Be The Change Coffee Products, which are a great way to start your day. Here are some sample recipes that fit within the REV 90 plan. To receive more resources, including recipes and associated nutritional information like calorie count, as well as useful tips and tools, subscribe to the REV 90 program. Download complete meal plans and recipes.

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