What is a hydrolyzed protein diet?

By | January 27, 2021

what is a hydrolyzed protein diet?

Herpes Virus-1 Ocular Disease. Medical Therapy of CHF. Soft-Tissue Sarcoma. Working Dog. Unusual manifestations include seizures in 10 percent of dogs, 5 erythema multiforme, lupoid onychodystrophy, vasculitis, and pemphigus. Roudebush P, Schick R. Based on data published to date then, the rate of acceptance by dogs fed hydrolysed protein diets as elimination diets is similar to those fed conventional select protein diets.

The primary aim of a hydrolysed protein diet is to sufficiently disrupt the proteins within the diet so as to remove any existing allergens and prevent recognition by a patient sensitized to the intact protein. Ideally, hydrolysis will prevent mast cell degranulation that would occur in response to the intact protein, and it will enable a patient hypersensitive to the protein to ingest the hydrolysate without clinical signs. The term “hypoallergenic diet” should be reserved for diets that have a substantial reduction in antigenicity and preferably have been shown to be tolerated by the vast majority of patients known to be hypersensitive to the intact source protein.

Protein is a necessary macronutrient in the human diet—one that supports everything from cell function to muscle maintenance and generation. Digestion involves breaking down food molecules so the body can put them to good use. But again, for some, that breakdown capability is impaired. Because hydrolyzed proteins are already broken down—basically, pre-digested—the body can absorb them with little to no effort, Carr says. Hydrolyzed proteins may also cause less of an upset stomach for those with gut conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. They have also been shown to benefit those with slow stomach digestion. Historically, all hydrolyzed proteins were dairy-based. Twenty different amino acids can combine to make protein, says Carr, though a single protein molecule can include a sequence of or more single amino acids in various combinations. Think of a protein molecule is a train. A big train can have cars, made up of 20 types of cars. Only nine of them are essential, which means the human body cannot produce them on its own. That means the food contains all nine essential amino acids in the right proportion.

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