Waba grill vs flame broiler diet food

By | May 18, 2021

waba grill vs flame broiler diet food

For real. Psst, reader. Yes, you! Is the coast clear? Finding time and the sheer willpower to cook can be difficult after a full day. And the ease of a drive-through is just so very tempting. But can you hit up fast food without going overboard? In curating this list of healthier or less-bad-for-you fast food, we focused on dishes that felt balanced and not excessive. Still, in the end, we came up with 15 healthy meals you can order while roving the depths of the fast food world. Like if the chicken and veggies bowl is your favorite. This is one of the best tasting healthy options out there in the fast food world.

Have you noticed that wherever you are, you’re no more than a few clicks from a Flame Broiler? There are three in Santa Ana, four in Orange, six in Irvine, and probably at least one in every single Orange County city. If there’s a fast-food chain more prevalent and ubiquitous it would have to be Subway. That the teriyaki chain, born in Fullerton, has already far eclipsed Yoshinoya and has become a force to be reckoned with is obvious when you actually go into a Yoshinoya these days—it is apparent that Yoshinoya has changed the way they do their chicken bowls to emulate Flame Broiler. To me, Waba Grill is so similar, if it weren’t for the sign, I wouldn’t be able to distinguish their bowls from each other. As the quality can actually vary between franchises of Flame Broiler themselves, comparisons to the Waba chain should really be moot. But there are some differences. So who’s the winner? It’s a wash. Because to be quite honest, I’m still partial to Yoshinoya’s chicken bowls, even though they’ve ruined it in an effort to catch up to Flame Broiler and its kin.

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Your typical Hawaiian-type BBQ with rice place. The place is clean and the staff is friendly. The food quality is pretty good. The price is higher than I would prefer for simple meat and rice but typical. Don’t order the kale. It’s disgusting. Their menu is comprised of bowls and combo plates featuring beef and chicken teriyaki, shrimp, salmon, short ribs and veggies.

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