Vegan diet made people sick

By | January 17, 2021

vegan diet made people sick

The Labour leader says “more and more” of his friends are choosing the diet, which excludes all food that comes from animals – such as meat, dairy and eggs. And whilst cheese may be keeping him from fully committing, he is “going through the process” of making different food choices. But whilst some people are happy to go the whole hog – and leave the hog behind them – some vegans are making the choice to return to the meat market. John Nicholson and his partner became vegans in , at the age of 23, when living on a farm in the north of Scotland. But 26 years later, the couple decided to return to eating meat for what they believed was the good of their health. But as the years went by, the couple saw their health deteriorate and wondered what might be the cause. He also started to put on a lot of weight – standing at 5ft 10in 1. At the same time, his partner was suffering with depression and a slow thyroid, and they both wanted to make a change. The impact was almost immediate. Within 48 hours, John started to feel better and his IBS all but disappeared, and, for his partner, there was a marked improvement.

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