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How to talk with a friend about diet

Here are some ideas. This can be tricky but is often an important part of the process. Try to be understanding if you know they really are trying to change. It feels amazing to just…eat! That takes a lot of courage Caitlyn…good for you for advocating for yourself. Ok No. Diet talk and diet culture… Read More »

How much do win with diet

Why do you need to take anything? Players whose accounts have been flagged must submit video weigh-ins until the flag is lifted. If you submitted an approved official weigh-in within 48 hours, you may use that weigh-in for other games. This is done through various individual and team challenges. Hi Jennifer we could do this… Read More »

What diet is good for people with afib

Weight loss is a common recommendation that patients receive during the management for atrial fibrillation. But why is there a recommendation for weight loss? Are there any diet tips that can be beneficial for AFib patients? In , the LEGACY trial was very much of a landmark trial, which showed how much weight loss could… Read More »