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Can u eat watermelon gurd diet

Heartburn is actually just another name for gastroesophageal reflux GERD, or acid reflux for short. According to Dr. Bechtold, people with acid reflux may also. Bechtold says that certain foods can relax the lower esophageal sphincter, allowing reflux to be brought back up into the esophagus more easily. Luckily, there are also foods to help… Read More »

Is watermelon healthy for a diet

Is watermelon one of your favorite summer fruits, but you fear that enjoying it may be slowing your weight loss efforts? There are lots of misconceptions about eating watermelon, which I am going to debunk, right here in this article. Watermelons are not fattening if eaten in moderate quantities. For example a serving of 1… Read More »

Why is watermelon good for weight loss

Prepare some quick juice from fresh watermelon and cucumbers, with a dash of mint to give it an even better taste. Smoothies are an watermelon way to get watermelon into your healthy eating plan, not to mention why delicious way! Publisher Name. There’s nothing like biting into good juicy slice of watermelon weight a fresh… Read More »