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We may not get to travel this summer, but we can look the part – how to get smooth, soft, sun-ready skin 

We’ve been cocooned for months, but it’s time to peel away the layers and let our skin shine. Dermatology nurse specialist Selene Daly gives her tips for soft, smooth, sun-safe skin. Wear sunscreen daily between March and October The most common form of cancer diagnosed in Ireland is skin cancer, with 11,000 cases registered per… Read More »

Smooth skin on keto diet

Anti-inflammatory effects: Inflammation drives acne progression. Norton recommends lowering fat first, then introducing fruits and other non-keto foods. Can keto or low-carb diets improve acne? The high oil content in the keto diet may help skin glow. Keto rash symptoms may include: chapped, red rash, mainly on the upper back, chest and belly. Instead, they… Read More »