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Vegan diet cured my high blood pressure

People who previously had normal blood pressures are now being labeled as hypertensive the medical term for having high blood pressure, which is a serious diagnosis. Unbeknownst to many, high blood pressure is the largest risk factor for death globally. With the new guidelines broadening the definition for high blood pressure, more people than ever… Read More »

Salt in the diet and high blood pressure

Edit this entry. The Cardiovascular System. What should I eat to control high blood pressure? In conclusion, the increased BP associated with excessive sodium intake observed in hypertensive patients, characterized by high salt-sensitivity, may be due to the impairment of their baroreflex function or to their inability to increase baroreflex sensitivity and reduce sympathetic activity… Read More »

Low carb diet and blood pressure

GP computer systems can generate graphs for weight or lipid results easily. The condition blood to set of risk factors including low that increases the blood of heart disease, diabetes, diet, and other chronic diseases. We previously looked and research suggesting that a well-planned, low-carb diet carb with exercise can help you lower blood sugar,… Read More »