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Unplanned Pregnancies 20 Times More Likely on Birth Control Pill than IUD

By Dr. Mercola If you think your birth control pill is the best pregnancy prevention tool there is, you may be surprised by new research looking into its failure rates. Compared to other forms of protection, the Pill failed miserably, which only adds to the myriad of reasons why you should heavily question its use.… Read More »

Altra fen diet pill reviews

Caffeine increases your metabolic rate and helps you in losing weight without further weight gain. Have a question? Start with two capsules a day. Would definitely recommend. Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing. Of course, you could lose that much… Read More »

Abortion pill what is Medical abortion

Author Michelle Published April 18, 2021 Word count 409 Medical abortion is the option a woman chooses to terminate her unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Medical practitioners mostly recommend MTP Kit for medical abortion of the pregnancy is within 56 days. MTP KIT contains primary medicine: ● one pill Mifepristone (200 mg), ● Second medicine: four… Read More »

Best diet pill for binge eaters

According to the National Eating Disorders Association, it is believed to affect 3. As such, knowledge about it lags behind that of anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. It is important to note that BED is not something new. Being identified as a distinct eating disorder means that individuals with this condition can receive more support… Read More »