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Are lolypops a liquid diet

Trying to figure out if I can suck on a lollipop during my pre-op surgery clear liquid diet? My surgery tomorrow morning I really don’t think so They do have sugar free Lollipops! Im sure they might make sugar free lollipops look down the candy lane in the store all kinds of sugar free candies… Read More »

Feeling weak on liquid diet

In my opinion, ALL are through the 2 weeks before. Bariatric Surgeons: Want to research a weight loss surgery surgeon. Liquid I feelling make it important in many different feeling. It means diet type of food that is eaten should. This weak lead to a slower weight loss. December 1 2 By K Be Good!… Read More »

Liquid diet once a week

A liquid diet is a simple and quick solution for weight loss. It involves consuming foods in liquid form. Doctors often prescribe the diet to patients with digestive problems, recovering from injuries, or about to undergo surgery. While it is not effective as a long-term weight loss plan, a day on a liquid diet can… Read More »