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Is a low-carb diet healthy

Right off the healthy, know that many of the fad low-carb diets lack research. The glucose then enters your oow-carb cells with the help of insulin. A ketogenic diet also s been shown to improve blood sugar healthy for patients with type 2 diabetes, at least in the low-carb term. Sticking to these foods will… Read More »

Heart healthy diet for chf

Sodium, or salt, is a natural mineral found in foods and within the body. Most foods contain a small amount of sodium. This includes fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood. We need sodium to live, but most people take in more than they need. Salt attracts fluid. Eating too much sodium can increase your blood… Read More »

Heart healthy diet saturated fat

Read labels and avoid foods containing trans fats. Lower your cholesterol, whether you’re eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or even a snack The best-known beneficial effect of alcohol is an increase in HDL, the “good” cholesterol. We want to make it easier for South Australians to lead heart-healthy lives Try them plain or make a… Read More »