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Illegal Collusion Between Government and Big Tech Exposed

In a September 1, 2022, article,1 the Post Millennial reveals how federal officials in the Biden administration have held secret censorship meetings with social media companies to suppress Americans’ First Amendment rights to free speech, and to ban or deplatform those who share unauthorized views about COVID and vaccines. The evidence for this comes out… Read More »

Government health coverage might now exceed private coverage in US

The United States might be at the point where government health coverage exceeds private health insurance. Roughly 150 million people have some form of taxpayer-subsidized health insurance, while about 153 million have employer-provided coverage, a recent analysis by Yahoo Finance found. The analysis, though, left out the 9 million employees and their dependents who are… Read More »

Federal government study health diet

Example meal: Apples and grapes Lettuce and celery Chicken breast and unsalted walnuts. Offers a how-to guide for federal sodium. Results prior to may be found in the publications health on the publications page of this website. Government Safety Principles and Guidance Return to health. Offers a closer study at a central Dietary Guidelines concept.… Read More »