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Food for a plant based diet

I lost 40 pounds in one year by ditching dairy products. Whole grains are an excellent source of fiber and help maintain stable blood sugar. Plant based does mean vegan. Keep lots of plant-based foods on hand so you always have something to reach for when you get hungry, such as fresh fruit, a small… Read More »

Plant based diet vs starch solution

Best of all, I have enjoyed every meal and have never felt hungry. Keep based to learn what foods you should focus on, which foods are off-plan, which plant-based foods solution avoid if you’re weight loss has stalled, and what experts think about the Starch Solution. What Is the Tom Brady Diet? It also contains… Read More »

Plant based diet fight disease

The objective of this article is to present to physicians an update on plant-based diets. Concerns about the rising cost of health care are being voiced nationwide, even as unhealthy lifestyles are contributing to the spread of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. For these reasons, physicians looking for cost-effective interventions to improve health outcomes are… Read More »

Whats for breakfast on a plant based diet?

Simple, delicious, and wholesome plant-based breakfast recipes to fuel you all morning long. All are vegan or vegetarian they include eggs, gluten free, and dairy free! A vegan diet is one that is completely void of animal-sourced foods meat, poultry, dairy, eggs, fish, etc. A plant-based diet is focused around whole foods and unprocessed options,… Read More »