Keto diet making my teeth hurt

By | January 23, 2021

keto diet making my teeth hurt

I am 37 and have never had a cavity. I had part of a tooth break off a few years back, and had a filling to fix it. I have been keto for a few weeks. All of a sudden I have a toothache from the tooth that broke years back. The tooth is very sensitive to cold. Is there anyway that this is keto related? Im trying to understand why it would be hurting. Is it sensitive to heat as well?

You can also mix a small bit of baking soda in with your water to neutralize any acid that may be present after you vomit. Remember the vitamin K2-rich, teeth-friendly foods that a keto diet promotes? So while going low-carb may make your breath smell, it may actually help improve your overall oral health. A keto lifestyle, while beneficial for oral health, is not a substitute for daily brushing and flossing. And pretty low at that. I did some research and found multiple people asking about their fill ins or areas where a tooth had been repaired hurting while on keto. Is there anyway that this is keto related?

Get advice on the right diet for your teeth! Top Articles. If the body stores up too many ketones — acetones or otherwise — your body could enter a state called ketoacidosis. There are even some side effects of the Keto diet that are leaving dentists with raised eyebrows. These include brussels sprouts, alcohol, and coffee, as well as too much dairy. My symptoms are similar to those that Kori and Lisa have described; the tooth that was JUST filled like two months ago…like this should actually be the strongest tooth in my head! Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 11, Clinical chemistry, 48 1, Acetone in the breath can be a concern to some people considering a ketogenic diet, and not just due to the bad breath it creates.

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