Is stevia allowed on the cabbage soup diet

By | September 8, 2020

is stevia allowed on the cabbage soup diet

Happy cooking! Latest posts by Charushila Biswas see all. Have a small portion of brown rice with other veggies to have a nutritious lunch. But it is not only fat that you’ll lose. Who doesn’t love being 1? ConclusionThe cabbage soup diet is a crash diet to lose weight fast. I hate celery so I substitute cauliflower.

The cabbage soup diet is an eating plan designed to help with quick weight loss. The promise? Eat lots of cabbage soup for seven days and drop 10 to 15 pounds lbs. Still, the prospect of eating a lot of cabbage soup for a short period of time appeals to people who want a quick fix.

The Cabbage Soup Diet basically involves eating cabbage soup, a few vegetables and milk for a few days which usually results in a significant weight loss. The use of caffeine and alcohol is not recommended for the duration of the diet which may be two days, two weeks or as long as one wishes depending on one’s weight loss goals. A head of solid green cabbage that is available at your local supermarket is the best variety to use when making cabbage soup. You could use red cabbage but it will not be as attractive as the green variety. Napa cabbage would not be a good choice. Not really. The main thing is that green vegetables have less calorie and carbohydrate value than coloured veg. Of course, even using red cabbage on the csd you’d still lose considerable amounts of weight – just a little less than if you used green cabbage. There exist many delicious cabbage soup recipe variations.

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