Is organic diet just a trend

By | February 17, 2021

is organic diet just a trend

While a small number of studies have shown associations between organic food consumption and decreased incidence of disease, no studies to date have been designed to answer the question of whether organic food consumption causes an improvement in health. Last month, my research group published a small study that I believe suggests a path forward to answering the question of whether eating organic food actually improves health. According to the USDA, the organic label does not imply anything about health. Sixteen years ago, I was part of the first study to look at the potential for an organic diet to reduce pesticide exposure. We found that children who ate conventional diets had nine times higher exposure to these pesticides than children who ate organic diets. Our study got a lot of attention. Nobody does. Since , several researchers have looked at whether a short-term switch from a conventional to an organic diet affects pesticide exposure.

Not everyone wants to give up meat altogether, but alternative diets have seen a boost in popularity. The Annual Food Survey, conducted by the International Food Information Council Foundation, indicates that in , one in three Americans were following some sort of diet, with most of them having an impact on the quantities and quality of meat and dairy consumed. These new consumer trends do not appear by chance. The abundance of information on both social and conventional media means consumers are often bombarded with the results of — sometimes contradictory — scientific studies and eating recommendations. With so many publications on what we should eat and how we should care about where our food comes from, it would be natural to assume that the sale and consumption of meat and dairy might be on the decline — impacting the entire supply chain, including procurement. And there is evidence to support this. In-vitro meat has also seen significant improvement in its development. There are many steps yet to be taken to ensure this meat is actually vegan, as the process for extracting the stem cell still involves a biopsy procedure on the cow.

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