Is cereal bad for dieting

By | January 3, 2021

is cereal bad for dieting

It seems to be effective for short-term weight loss and can be rich in fiber and whole grains. Yet, it may also be high in sugar and excessively restrictive. It may aid short-term weight loss but is not sustainable or nutritionally balanced. Special K cereal has long been marketed as a healthy food that can help you lose weight, and some boxes of the cereal even had the instructions for the two-week challenge printed on them. On this diet, you replace your breakfast and lunch with a serving of whole-grain cereal and skim or low-fat milk. Your dinner and snacks should be small, low in calories, and contain a lean protein, as well as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Furthermore, some diet challenges involve eating nothing but cereal with milk for an entire week. On the cereal diet, you replace two meals per day with a serving of whole-grain cereal and low-fat milk. Preferably, the cereal should be low in added sugars and made from whole grains, such as Special K, Total, or plain Corn Flakes.

If the crunch of cereal is what you crave in the morning, reach for one of these high-fiber, high-nutrition choices for optimal health. When faced with a hectic morning, the easiest path to breakfast often includes a cereal box. Add milk. Varieties with chocolate chips and marshmallows likely stand out as the unhealthier of choices, but seemingly healthy options, such as some granolas and sweetened whole-grain varieties, can be packed with added sugars and unhealthy fats, too — not to mention they can be seriously lacking in good-for-you nutrients.

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You know, like rice cakes, plain kale, celery juice, and just about every other bland, boring food we have to force down. But a diet that gives us the green light to indulge in the food closest to our hearts and always in our stomachs? Sign us up! But since a cereal diet seems just a bit too good to be true, we went into detective mode. We reviewed various meal plans, studies, and anecdotes from people who survived on cereal for a week or more. The cereal diet is about as simple as it sounds as far as diets go, that is. Nicknamed the Special K Challenge, people started noticing weight loss eating Special K for two meals a day for two weeks straight. Whether toning up for a beach or slimming for a wedding, consumers claimed to lose as much as 12 pounds in just 12 days. Consumers could replace their cereal and milk with any special K product, then snack on fruits and vegetables between meals. A cereal diet or Special K Challenge looks pretty simple.

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But you want to do so on your terms. First, you have Special K, which had an entire diet named after it. Then you have Cheerios, which audaciously printed a heart-shaped bowl on their package. Because after a closer look at their nutrition labels, we only see high-sugar, high-carb, and high-calorie cereals that are best avoided altogether. Just sit tight and keep reading. For years, breakfast goers have turned to Kashi for nutrition in their morning bowl.

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