Everything We Know About That A Quiet Place 2 Ending and Post-Credits Scene

By | June 2, 2021

If you’re anything like us, the first minutes of John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place Part II will leave you a nervous wreck. After nearly three years after the first film’s release, we finally discover the origin story of the mysterious creatures that inhabit this new world. They appear suddenly, attacking anything making noise. Cell phones. Cop cars. Shotguns. The Abbott family only survives this new post-apocalyptic world because of their knowledge of sign language.

The sequel, aside from the prologue, starts almost immediately after the first film: having discovered the creatures’ weakness, the Abbott family leaves their home and heads to a neighboring (and hopefully, not abandoned) factory. Once arrived, Evelyn triggers a noisy trap, awakening monsters of their presence. And, just when things couldn’t get worse, Marcus’s foot gets caught in a bear trap. Lucky for the family, Lee’s former friend Emmett rescues them and they hold up in a steel mill.

But Regan doesn’t stay with her family for too long. She and Emmett venture out into the real world in hopes of finding a safe utopia on an island. This is the first time audiences get a glimpse of how cruel and barbaric the world is—there are even scavenger (maybe cannibalistic) groups now.

No one wanted to believe it but Regan was right. The creatures can’t swim (another weakness revealed!), so islands are the only safe place to hide. The film ends with Regan holding up her hearing aid (remember the one from the first film?) and attaching it to the radio on the island. Back at the factory, Marcus, who was wearing headphones attached to a portable radio, uses the frequency to kill the monster that trapped them in the factory. We last see Regan looking triumphant before the credits roll.

The sequel ends in a similar fashion to the first film, so of course, a third film is almost guaranteed. With Abbott, Evelyn, and Marcus still on the mainland, the last film in the trilogy might show the journey from factory to island, or so we think. And, while there is no a post-credits scene which teases the future of this dystopia, there’s surely a spin-off in the works. So we know this post-apocalyptic world is not going anywhere any time soon.

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