Diabetic diet for a1c of 10.5

By | February 13, 2021

diabetic diet for a1c of 10.5

When first diagnosed, many people find it difficult to believe. They think it must be a terrible mistake, believing that perhaps another test is needed or thinking maybe it will just go away. This is a very natural response to the shock of receiving the diagnosis. Unfortunately, it is very likely that your diagnosis is real and diabetes is here to stay. With 21 st century technology and care, we now know you can live a long and healthy life with diabetes. The diagnosis of diabetes is NOT a death sentence. Terrible outcomes, like blindness, amputations and kidney problems, are largely preventable.

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People with diabetes are supposed to monitor their blood glucose levels at all times. While a blood glucose test tells the levels of your blood glucose on that very day, a HbA1c or glycated hemoglobin test informs about how high or low your blood glucose levels have been in the past few weeks or months. The test also tells if you are at the risk of having any kind of complications related to diabetes. People with diabetes should take the HbA1c test when they are planning to take up a new diet or workout regime or medication. Depending on if a person is diabetic, prediabetic or healthy, you will need to make changes in your diet in case your HbA1c levels are higher than usual. Arthritis diet: Anti-inflammatory foods can help you control severity of arthritis symptoms, suggests expert. Here are some foods that should be a part of your arthritis diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are loaded with multiple health benefits. These are extremely beneficial for your heart health. Read here to understand the effect of omega-3 on depression.

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