Carnivore diet dozen eggs a day

By | October 11, 2020

carnivore diet dozen eggs a day

So I called up Dr. He saw me as a patient after I lost all of that weight, but that was several years ago. I decided that I was due for a check-up and that perhaps it was time to have some blood work done. I made the appointment. I mean, how is it possible to eat burger patties, bacon, and half a cup of bacon grease per day and NOT have high cholesterol? Especially when high cholesterol runs in my family. Mine was always on the high side, even as a young girl. Prior to my appointment, I started doing more reading and studying about which blood work numbers actually mean something anyway when it comes to predicting heart disease and health issues. Blood sugar numbers should remain steady throughout the day. Steady, level, not-high, not-low blood sugar numbers allow the body to lose weight and are a very good sign for overall health.

Sugary, processed foods. Filled with artificial sweeteners to keep you coming back for more. When I was an adherent to the average American way of eating, I spent an absolute boatload of money on food. The monthly grocery budget was off the charts. Our capitalistic, free market system has lead to the abundance of cheap, processed grub at the expense of our health. So how did I spent a boatload of money on food if the food was cheap? Shoving carby snacks down my gullet in between meals was an addiction. At first, starting a carnivore diet seemed like I would even spend more money. Little did I know that with this lifestyle, one meal a day would satisfy me until the next. This freed up so much time in my life. No longer did I have to plan my day around eating food, and only having to pay for one meal a day made my grocery budget significantly smaller.

An interesting personal update on me, after ten days of Carnivore…rather surprising! I know on carnivore I am so much more picky on my food. I like control to cook it and all. I just get weirder and weirder on my personal food with carnivore, but it is a good thing for me I like food control in my life HA. I ate a lb. And I melted a bit of cheddar on the bacon. I had six egg yolks along with my package of sliced pork belly, chunks of leftover chuck, liver, and fat trimmings that I had for breakfast. A dozen eggs by themselves would only remind me that I need something to go a long with them. I do love eggs, though. I actually never ate only eggs for a meal except for my very rare and tiny morning meal when I get up insanely early, I am sleepy and food helps.

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