Can you eat bananas on a paleo diet

By | March 4, 2021

can you eat bananas on a paleo diet

Bananas may be one of the most popular—and most inexpensive—fruits available. How do they fit into a Paleo diet? Bananas are widely accessible and inexpensive, but they also pack a powerful health punch. Most know that they are rich in potassium, although they are not the most potassium-rich food. Bananas are picked while they are still green and then transported to grocery stores. They are available at virtually all grocery stores in either organic or non-organic varieties. Since bananas are picked while they are green, they can often be found in the grocery stores before they have fully ripened. It is completely acceptable to purchase them green or yellow, depending on when you intend to use them. They should feel firm and be free from bruises, which leave dark spots on the fruit. Bananas last longest when they are left to ripen at room temperature, and if they are refrigerated while green, will not fully ripen.

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